Note: Nova International University reserves the right to change fees and tuition at anytime for reasons that ensure the continuity of the offering of quality services.

Fee within the application process

  • Application fee for undergraduate degrees: $25 (non refundable)
  • Application fee for language programs: $25 (non refundable)
  • Application fee graduate degrees: 40$ (non refundable)
  • Application fee for master certificates: 40$ (non refundable)
  • International Student Health Insurance: $700-$1600 per year
  • Processing of foreign transcripts for transferring credits to NIU: $100

Fees while in school

  • Late registration fee: $40
  • NIU Graduate Study Aptitude Test fee: $50
  • NIU English Language Assessment Test: $50
  • Students who fail a course may retake the final examination once for a fee of: $100
  • Retake of Dissertation Oral Defense: $200
  • Fee for books. varies from $0 to $150
  • Technology fee: $50 per year for all students.
  • Library fee: $100 per year for students attending degree program and $50 for students attending certificate programs or taking individual course.
  • Wire processing fee sent from NIU for returned fee or refund of tuition: $ 20
  • Domestic check fee (US bank): $0
  • Foreign check fee for checks sent by ground mail: $7
  • Foreign check fee from online bank: $7
  • Money order processing fee -Western Union or Money Gram (in addition to the fee paid to Western Union, Money Gram, or another financial institution): $10
  • Payment with MasterCard and Visa: $0
  • Payment with American Express and Discover: $5
  • Return domestic check fee: $25
  • Return foreign check fee: $32

Publishing fees and prices

  • Fee for NIU student publishing an article in a Novasys journal. $0
  • Fee for Non NIU affiliate publishing an article in a Novasys journal: $40.
  • Novasys Consulting and Nova IU article classified as Advisory: $ 6 to $30
  • NIU cases: $7 to $20 and per agreement when purchased by a college or a university.
  • NIU books: $10 to $40
  • Webinar fee: $ 0
  • Forum participation fee : $0

Fees after completion of a course, a certificate, or a degree program

  • Transcript fee: $10 per copy. No dollar amount added when sent electronically. There is a transportation fee when sending the transcript by mail: Regular mail in the USA: $0, certified mail: $7, express mail: $20
  • Transportation ordering fee when sending the mail oversea (from the USA to a foreign country): $25 for certified mails and $50 for express mails.

Example. A student ordering three transcripts from Kenya or Thailand will have to pay $10 for each of the three transcripts plus $25 for transportation or $55.

  • Transfer processing fee: $100
  • Readmission fee: $40
  • Academic withdrawal fee: $100
  • Degree processing and print fee: $100
  • Certificate processing and print fee: $100


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Tuition for 2015

Note: Nova International University reserves the right to change fees and tuition at anytime for reasons that ensure the continuity of the offering of quality services.

  • Undergraduate tuition: $138 per credit. Undergraduate degrees require 121 credits to 133 credits for a tuition range of $14520 to $15960.
  • Master certificate tuition: $193 per credit
  • Master degree tuition: $193 per credit. Except for the Executive Master of Business Administration, all master degrees require 36 to 60 credits for a tuition range of $6588 to $10980 dollars.
  • The tuition for the EMBA is $245 per credit or $13740 for 60 credits.
  • The tuition for each of the doctoral program (PHD in Economics and Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)) is $265 per credit.  The DBA requires 60 credits for $15900

Tuition Schedule for Selecting Degrees and Tuition Payment Plan