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We are calling for candidates to apply 

Nova International University will start offering programs as soon as 500 candidates apply. It will be our commitment for sustained good service.  

Having 500 applicants will allow us to be accredited and authorized in the US.

We will give a discount of 5% on tuition on the first 500 applicants (You pay $25 for tuition but you save $63.5% to $480 or a return of 250% to 1900%).
You  may also send an email to admission@novainteru.com attesting that you will apply to a program as soon as the University is accredited. 

Nova International University (NIU) has a mission to be the best quality online university at the lowest cost worldwide. We match the University of the People for our undergraduate degree tuition (Associate Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, English as Second Language Programs, and Undergraduate Certificates).
We offer various business degrees all of which will be accredited eventually by December 20, 2017.

 What about a Master of Management, a master of finance, a master of public administration, a master of sport management, and a master of engineering management at less than $5000? Please review all our programs costs and payment plans by clicking the link below


Out Programs are unique, many of which help graduates be immediately add value to an organization even while still enrolled in the program.
Our Bachelor of Business Administration is both management and entrepreneurship focused.

All our Master Programs and particularly our Master of Operation Management, Master of Quality Management, Master of Management of Manufacturing, and Master of Management of Product Development Programs are unique and will help shape leaders and experts in the management of operations and the development of new products worldwide.

We offer a Doctorate of Business Administration Program, a PHD in Business Administration Program with course work both at $9600, and a PHD in Business Administration with Thesis Only which noticeably cuts cost but requires the candidates to pass a rigorous examination.

I am calling on many to apply so you can enjoy a quality education at the lowest cost (you may click on theses links NIU APPLICATION FOR A DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE PROGRAM  and Admission). Similar Programs cost $20000 to $60000…We offer value at the lowest cost, we guaranty it.


Nova International University

Affordable Quality Online Education for the Better Lives

We welcome you to join Nova International University wherever you are in this world as long as you have a computer and can access the Internet. NIU relies on three pillars:

INCLUSIVENESS. We distinguish our degree programs from other programs by having students take at least two courses that address cultural differences. We believe that in engineering, in business, and in life in general, people will achieve greater outcomes if they understand each other’ people’s backgrounds. Being culturally alert is the cornerstone of exclusions of any kind.

INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY. We believe that the world does not have infinite resources and that we need to use technology and innovation to create more resources for a better future for all beings living in our planet. We emphasize innovation and entrepreneurship in most of our programs, and we will as much as we can link our graduates to investors, foster business plant competition, and set objectives for numbers of successful start-up by our graduates every years. We also promote knowledge through our partnership with Novasys Consulting which we believe will give our graduates and faculty many opportunities to practices what they teach and learn

VALUE ADDING ACADEMICS We are confident that our programs will enable our graduates to not only achieve great things for many organizations but to also create organizations of their own. We train students who after completing their degrees or certificates can immediately add value. The content of our programs is the same as the content of programs from the best universities in the world, It is true.

We will keep working hard to open doors to our graduates by contacting leaders at many organizations, by offering them opportunities for internships, consulting, and projects, by offering them entrepreneurship competitions for investments in new ventures, and by advocating the strengths of our programs worldwide.

Our faculty will be supportive and as long as you have the will to learn, you will make yourself proud by completing your degree. You will get your degree on time.  Over 90% of our courses last eight weeks. 

We are also taking the fastest steps for a startup university to be accredited an recognized for the quality of its program. You may review our accreditation by visiting our accreditation page. 

We are inviting you to inviting you to review our academic programs and then apply.

Academic Programs

List of all Degree and Certificate Programs

Apply today, classes will start June and September 2017!

The Launch of our Programs
We will launch our Certificate programs on June 26, 2017 and our degree programs on September 4, 2017.
Students may take individual courses in lean, Six Sigma, quality, and management by June 26, 2017.

Apply by downloading the application form, and following the instructions. You can download the application form by clicking on the link below in blue scripts.




Note: Compare the number of credits for your program (EMBA excluded) to programs with the same number of credits and the same degree level.



To Contact US:

Contact by Postal Mail
Nova International University

PO Box 1282, Lakeville, Minnesota 55044

Telephone: 651 675 7577

General Information Requested by Email

You may request general information by email at


Career and Employment

Applicants for a job should send their resumes, transcripts, and cover letter to


Applicants for Admission in a Degree or Certificate Program

All applicants for admission into a program should review the admission page and may also request more information by email to Admission@novainteru.com except for the  Executive MBA program, the regular MBA program, and the DBA program.  The contact emails for those three programs figure in the subsequent lines. 

Enrollment and Tuition Questions 

You may contact the Registrar by sending an email to

Registrar@novainteru.com or visit the tuition page 

Executive MBA (EMBA) Contact

Letter of recommendations and request for information for the executive MBA program must be sent to emba@novainteru.com.

The executive MBA will start by January 2018 and the second cohort will start by September 2018

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Contact

Letter of recommendations and request for information for the DBA program must be sent to dba@novainteru.com

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