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Nova International University Journals

Nova International University has two journals:


1.The Global Journal of Business and Economics (GJBE)

2. The Global Journal  of Technology (GJT)

Purpose of the Global Journal of Business and Economics (GJBE)

The purpose of the GJME is to publish articles that are scientifically rigorous and that positively contribute to knowledge in the various fields of management and economics. Disciplines that the journal covers include all management disciplines such as business strategy, corporate strategy, leadership, competitive strategy, finance, international business, business research methods, marketing, operation management, finance, accounting, quality` management, project management, management information system, entrepreneurship; as well as all disciplines of the economy such global economy, regional economy, micro economy, economy of the firm, agricultural economy, urban economy, rural economy, economy of the firm, economy of labor, political economy, and comparative economy.

Purpose of the Global Journal of Technology

The purpose of the GJT is to publish articles that are scientifically rigorous and that positively contribute to knowledge in the various fields of engineering and technology. Disciplines that the journal covers include all engineering disciplines such as engineering management, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, industrial engineering, system engineering, automobile engineering, naval engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, manufacturing engineering, biomedical engineering economy, chemical engineering, agro engineering; as well as various field of technology including various engineering technologies, technology management, information technology, communication technology, and technology education.

Type articles

The journals may publish essays, literature reviews, original research, or empirical research.  The article has to have an acceptable level of practicality even though theoretical.

All articles published will be peer-reviewed


As online journals, the journal are published every two months starting January of every year.

Publishing location

The Journal website page is  There are archives for previous issues

Fee in US Dollars

No fee for the reader. This is an open source journal. Author must pay pay a $30 to publish their article. Authors completing a blind review may have their gee

Quality Assurance – The review process

The editor will review each article for scope, content, and objectivity.

The editor may reject the article after the initial review if the article is either out of the scope of the journal, of a poor content; or subject to non objective rationales, biases, plagiarism, or unsupported conclusions.

The editor then assigns two blind reviewers to review the articles.

Reviewers are located worldwide and will be students, faculty, or professionals of colleges, government, or private organizations. Students will be graduate students, or students doing research and the senior level who have been recommended by their faculty.

Faculty are faculty of colleges or universities located anywhere across the globe.

Colleges and universities have to be approved by a local or federal government.

Upon completion of the peer reviews, the editor sends reviews’ feedback to the authors and requests changes.

Once the authors have made the requested changes, the editor sends the revised articles to the reviewers, who again review and give feedback.

Such proceeding continues until the authors make changes that satisfy the journals’ requirements.

The editor of the journal may decide to reject the articles if the authors fail to make acceptable revisions.

Author Guidelines

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