Master of Project Management

The Master of Project Management
Offered jointly by the School of Business and Economics and The School of Engineering and Technology

The purpose of the master of project management is to train leaders and managers with a solid foundation in project management that ensure the completion of large scale projects of various sources in many organizations. The emphasis of the program is on leadership, ethics, and the continuous drive for improvement. Graduate of the program may hold various positions including: Project manager, director of project management, vice president of operations, chief operating officer, and even chief operating officer. The program encompasses 14 courses for 36 credits

Admission Requirements
1. Applicants must have one of the following a bachelor degree or an equivalent from an accredited or an authorized university
2. Applicants with undergraduate GPA lower than 2.50 will either take The Nova International University (NIU) Graduate Study Aptitude Test, which is an online test offered by NIU or the GMAT
3. A resume (or a curriculum vitae) detailing work experiences, skills, and education
4. An essay/letter describing the reasons why the candidate has decided to apply for admission into the program (one to two pages)
5. Applicants who did not previously study in English must complete language requirements described in II.9.3 of this catalog by taking one of the following tests TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Exam, and CEFR.

Accounting for Managers
Economic for Managers
Personal Finance and Investment (1 cr)
Negotiation (1 cr)
Management Communication (1 cr)
Financial management and decision making
Management of Information Technologies and Systems
Procurement Management
Lean Enterprise
Quality in Supply Chains
Fundamental of Project Management
Project Planning
Project Execution and Closure
Managing Engineering and Capital Equipment projects
Project Management Cases and Certification
Internship or Project (0 cr)
Total: 39 credits

Reasons why you should join this program
3. You receive a graduate business education as good as the ones offered by the best business schools in the world at a cost which is a fraction as low as one quarter of the cost of many master of engineering management programs. The tuition for our master of project management program is quite while students living in developing countries receive a sizable discount to adjust for their lower level of income compared to other countries
2. You can apply the learning in projects that make the difference in your host organization
3. You receive a learning that corresponds to the learning you may acquire for dozens years of work
4. You are marketable and have depth in project management and in process improvement which are employee’s attributes sought by the best companies worldwide.

Apply by downloading the application form, and following the instructions. You can download the application form by clicking on the link below in blue scripts.


(*) Note: Students may petition to take Six Sigma DFSS instead of Six Sigma DMAIC