Executive Master of Business Administration

The purpose of the Executive MBA is to develop senior managers and executives who can deliver value in service and manufacturing organizations with a vision for the long-term and sustained performance without compromising ethics while positively contributing to their community. Each class offers the opportunity for practical learning through a class-long group project, individual assignments, and class discussions. We have designed all courses to fit the needs for all executives to deliver value. The program is offered in a cohort for executives worldwide.

III.2.1 Admission requirements

  1. Applicants must have one of the following: a bachelor degree or an equivalent from an accredited or an authorized university
  2. Applicants with undergraduate GPA lower than 2.50 will either take the Nova International University (NIU) Graduate Study Aptitude Test (GSAT) or take either the GMAT or the GRE. The NIU GSAT (the cost is $20) is given online and is more affordable when compared to the GMAT or the GRE.
  3. A resume (or a curriculum vitae) detailing work experiences, skills, and education
  4. An essay/letter describing the reasons why the candidate has decided to apply for admission into the program (one to two pages)
  5. Applicants who did not previously study in English must complete language requirements described in II.9.3 of this catalog by taking one of the following tests TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Exam, CEFR, or the NIU English Test.
  6. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendations (in the form provided by the university) written by previous teachers, mentors, supervisors, co-workers, or managers.

III.2.2 Curriculum

EMBA 700 Accounting for Executives (3 cr)

EMBA 701 Leadership and Ethics (3 cr)

EMBA 702 Personal Finance and Investment (1 cr)

EMBA 703 Negotiation (1 cr)

EMBA 704 Executive Communication (1cr)

EMBA 705 Leading people and teams (3 cr)

EMBA 706 Financial Management and Decision Making (3 cr)

EMBA 707 Managing the Performance of World-class Operations (3 cr)

EMBA 708 Supply Chains Management

EMBA 709 International and Domestic Business Law (3 cr)

EMBA 710 Marketing Strategy and Execution (3 cr)

EMBA 711 Economics for Executives (3 cr)

EMBA 713 Creating Value with Information Technology (3 cr)

EMBA 714 Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses for Executives (3 cr)

EMBA 715 Strategic Management (3 cr)

EMBA 716 Corporate Governance (3 cr)

EMBA 719 Entrepreneurship: Starting New Ventures (3 cr)

EMBA 720 Mergers and Acquisitions

EMBA 722 International Finance (3 cr)

EMBA 724 Innovation and Technology Management (3 cr)

EMBA 725 Operation Strategy and Globalization

EMBA 780 Competitive Strategy

Note:  60 credits, No elective per decision made on 9/27/2014

III.2.3 Schedule

Total Year 1


Fall Term1

Accounting for Executives (3 cr), Executive Comm (1 cr), Mgt of Inf Tech and Syst (3cr)

Fall Term 2

Leadership and Ethics (3 cr), Financial Mgmt & DM (3 cr), Negotiation (1 cr)



Marketing Strategy and Execution (3cr), Dom. and Int. Bus Law (3cr)

Term 2

Economics for Managers (3 cr), Leading People and Teams (3 cr), Pers Finance & Investment (1 cr)


Term 1

Innovation for Value and Sustainability (3 cr), Managing the Performance of World Class Operations (3cr)

Term 2

Strategic Management (3 cr), International Finance (3 cr)

Year 2


Fall Term1

Managing Value in Supply Chains (3 cr), Quant & Qual Analyses for Decision Making (3 cr)

Fall Term 2

Mergers and Acquisitions (3 cr), Entrepreneurship (3 cr)



Operation Strategy and Globalization (3cr), Business Development (3 cr)

Term 2

Corporate Governance (3 cr),

Note: Graduation at the end of the winter of year 2. Duration: Twenty Months

Apply today, classes will start fall 2016 !

Apply by downloading the application form, and following the instructions. You can download the application form by clicking on the link below in blue scripts.