English as Second Language Programs

English as Second Language Certificates
The English as Second Language (ESL) program is for students or business people whose native language is not English and who want to be fluent in English while doing business or attending colleges or universities. The program prepares students for the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Student may take the course online or on site.

Admission Requirements
Students must have a high school diploma, an equivalent, or an equivalent of post junior high school education combined with work experience.
Students must have taken at least one course in English vocabulary and grammar with at least 40 contact hours.

Curriculum English as Second Language I First four weeks
ESL 200 English Grammar and Vocabulary I (2 cr)
ESL 201 English Writing I (2 cr)
ESL 202 English Listening and Comprehension I (2 cr)
ESL 203 Business Communications I (2 cr)
Total: 8 credits

Curriculum English as Second Language II Second our weeks
ESL 210 English Grammar and Vocabulary II (2 cr)
ESL 211 English Writing II (2 cr)
ESL 212 English Listening and Comprehension II (2 cr)
ESL 213 Business Communications II (2 cr)
Total: 8 credits

Curriculum English as Second Language Eight-Week Session

For the eight week session, students attend both ESL I and ESL II.

Delivery Methods

The ESL courses are initially offered online and may be offered onsite in the future.
Each course has two (2) contact hours from Monday to Friday, except on the third and fourth Fridays of the session during which students take an unofficial TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) lasting four hours.

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