College of Engineering and Technology

The College of Engineering and Technology

The college of Engineering and Technology’s main goal is to develop excellence in the teaching and practical research and development of engineering and technology. Starting with Industrial Engineering, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing engineering, the College of Engineering will expand to other disciplines such as electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, chemical engineering, and civil engineering. The vision of the college is become a renowned provider of secondary quality and affordable education in engineering and technology without borders. Our degree programs are some of the most affordable for the quality of the education that we offer. Please review our degree programs and the tuition and tuition payment table.

List and Links of Degree Programs

Master of Product Development Management (*)

Master of Engineering Management (*)

Master of Project Management(*)

Master of Management of Manufacturing (*)

Master of Quality Management (*)

Note: (*) Joint programs between the College of Engineering and Technology and the College of Business and Economics