Business Strategy Master Certificate


The purpose of the Business Strategy Master Certificate is to train professionals who can immediately deliver value by shaping and executing the vision and strategy of their organization’s businesses without attending a full master degree program

Why should you apply for this certificate?
You will have an edge in the understanding of business strategy and its execution function.

You will be able to add value to your organization while working in an an executive or managerial function; you may also work as a consultant.

You may have the opportunity for an internship, enabling you to enter or re-enter the job market.

A student may transfer the courses to the NIU MBA program, to other NIU master programs, or to MBA programs from other universities that accept credits from NIU

Admission Requirements

1. Applicants must have one of the following a bachelor degree or an equivalent from an accredited or an authorized university
2. Applicants with undergraduate GPA lower than 2.50 will either take The Nova International University (NIU) Graduate Study Aptitude Test, which is an online test offered by NIU or the GMAT
3. A resume (or a curriculum vitae) detailing work experiences, skills, and education
4. An essay/letter describing the reasons why the candidate has decided to apply for admission into the program (one to two pages)
5. Applicants who did not previously study in English must complete language requirements described in II.9.3 of the NIU catalog by taking one of the following tests TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Exam, and CEFR.

Strategic Management (3 cr)
Competitive Strategy (3 cr)
Operation Strategy (3 cr)
Corporate Governance (3 cr)

Apply today!

Apply by downloading the application form, and following the instructions. You can download the application form by clicking on the link below in blue scripts.