Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration Degree

 A Drive for Worldclass Management and Entrepreneurship

Nova International University prepares the graduates of this program to business in a dynamic landscape. The program stresses analytics, depth in general management, problem solving, and entrepreneurship


The purpose of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree is to train students to the elements of business and management so they can handle specialist, technician, and supervisory positions in the different functional areas of business.  Graduates may learn the fundamentals of general managementand may specialize in many various functional and industrial areas. Our program stresses innovation and entrepreneurship and students should be able to start new businesses of their own or new businesses in a firm, acts commonly called intrapreneurship.

Admission Requirements

Students must have a high school diploma, an equivalent, or an equivalent of a post junior high school education combined with work experience. Students who have failed the Baccalauréat (French speaking countries’ final degree for exiting high school education) or its equivalent in English may have to take a Nova International University entrance Examination and complete the US General Education Development (GED) examination online from a school authorized to offer GED. Applicants may submit results of the SAT or ACT if any even though they are not mandatory.

Students must have taken at least one course in English vocabulary and grammar with at least 40 contact hours and past the TOEFL with at least 550 in the paper test. Student scoring above 500 will be granted conditional admission and will have to take an intensive English training at Nova International University.  They may also take the Nova International University English aptitude test.

Students may transfer from other colleges or universities going through the NIU transfer policies. All transfer students need to complete 25% of the program at NIU.


Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Each course covers three credits unless mentioned otherwise.


Mathematics and Optimization: 9 Credits

MTH 101 Elements of Arithmetic and Algebra

MTH 201 Mathematics for Business

MTH 202 Statistics and Research Methods

Humanities and Sciences: 15 credits

HUM 202 Psychology, Power, and Influence

HUM 203 Introduction to Sociology

HUM 210 American History

SCI 204 Introduction to Biology

SCI 205 Introduction to Nutrition

Political Science: 3 credits

POL 301 Introduction to Political Sciences

Economics: 6 Credits

ECO 204 Introduction to Micro-economy

ECO 205 Introduction to Macro-economy

Language: 6 credits

Chose one between

ESP 101 Spanish I and ESP 301 Spanish II

FR 101French I and FR 302 French II

Computer Skills: 6 credits

BBA 103 Introduction to Computers, the Internet, and Applications

BBA 301 Internet and Website Programming

Business Elements: 18 credits.

BBA 104 Foundations of Business

BBA 207 Introduction to Financial Accounting

BBA 315 Introduction to Managerial Accounting

BBA 221 Management Information Systems

BBA 223 Domestic and International Business Law
BBA 314 Introduction to Money, Banking, and Capital Markets

Business Fundamentals: 39 credits

BBA 311 Operation Management

BBA 321 Financial Management

BBA 331 Human Resources Management

BBA 341 Marketing Management

BBA 411 Fundamentals of Project Management

BBA 412 Introduction to Supply Chain Management

BBA 421 International Business

BBA 440 Entrepreneurship: Innovation, New Business Idea, Selection. and Confirmation.

BBA 441 Entrepreneurship: Starting New Ventures

BBA 442 Entrepreneurship:  Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Young Firm Management

BBA 471 Strategic Management

BBA 452 Statistical Process Control and Problem Solving

BBA 457 Electronic Commerce

Leadership and Communication: 10 credits

BBA 302 Introduction to Sustainability

BBA 303 Business Communication

BBA 414 Personal Finance and Investment (1cr)

BBA 431 Leadership and Ethics


Electives – Three courses (9 cr)

Areas of Emphasis

Self Designed

Any selection of three electives listed in the areas of emphasis below


Management of Financial Services

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Mergers and Acquisition

Human Resources Management

Staffing Planning and Development

Management of Employee Relations

Management of Staffing Organizations


Lean Enterprise

Competitive Strategy

Six Sigma DMAIC

Management Information System

Introduction to Computer Programming for Business

Database  Management

Enterprise Network Management


Marketing Research

Product Management

Brand Management

Production Management

Lean Enterprise

Management of Manufacturing Operations

Production Planning and Inventory Control

Service Management

Lean Enterprise

Management of Service Operations

Six Sigma DMAIC

Total: 121 Credits for Graduation.

Apply by downloading the application form, and following the instructions. You can download the application form by clicking on the link below in blue scripts.

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