Associate of Science in Business Administration

The purpose of the associate degree in Business Administration is to train students to the elements of business and management so the student can handle specialist, technician, and basic team leader positions in the different functional area of business.  Graduates may also transfer to the junior and senior level of a bachelor of business administration or a bachelor of management degree.

Admission Requirements

Students must have a high school diploma, an equivalent, or an equivalent of post junior high school education combined with work experience. Students who have failed the Baccalauréat (French speaking countries’ final degree for exiting high school education) or its equivalent in English may have to take a Nova International University entrance Examination and complete the US GED online.

Applicants who did not previously study in English must complete language requirements described in II.9.3 of the NIU catalog by taking one of the following tests TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Exam, and CEFR. In Principle students must have taken at least one course in English vocabulary and grammar with at least 40 contact hours and past the TOEFL with at least 550 in the paper test. Students scoring above 500 will be granted conditional admission and will have to take an intensive English training at Nova International University.  They may also take the Nova International University English Aptitude Test.

Requirements for the Associate Degree in Business Degree

Mathematics: 9 Credits

BBA 101 Elements of Arithmetic and Algebra

BBA 202 Statistics

BBA 201 Mathematics for Business

Humanities and Sciences: 9 credits

HUM 202 Psychology, Power, and Influence

HUM 210 American History

SCI 205 Introduction to Biology

Economics: 6 Credits

ECO 204 Introduction to Micro-economy (3cr)

ECO 205 Introduction to Macro-economy (3cr)

Language: 3 credits

Chose one between (3cr)

ESP 101 Spanish I (3cr)

FR 101 French I (3cr)

Computer Skills: 6 credits

BBA 103 Introduction to Computers, the Internet, and Applications

BBA 301 Introduction to the Internet and Website Programming

Business Elements and Fundamentals: 21 credits

BBA 104 Foundations of Business

BBA 207 Introduction to Financial Accounting

BBA 208 Introduction to Management

BBA 221 Introduction Management Information Systems

BBA 223 Introduction to Domestic and International Business Law

BBA 314 Introduction to Money, Banking, and Capital Markets 
BBA 341 Marketing Management
BBA 214 Personal Finance and Investment (1cr)

 Electives or other Business Courses Required for the Bachelor of Business Degree; 6 credits

Select one required bachelor of business administration course or one elective out of the courses listed below:

You may find undergraduate electives in the list of undergraduate business courses          

Total: 61 Credits.

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